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Link Roundup: Enewsletters, Timelines (again) and creative outlets

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Here are the articles we tweeted this week at @creativemoco:


Takeaways: Pay attention to your subject line, keep it short and sweet and share quality content. A definite must-read for anyone looking to freshen up their email marketing!


Takeaways: Whether we like it or not, Facebook’s going to flip the switch on Timelines for brands tomorrow. Here’s 10 examples of brands getting creative with the new Facebook Timeline layout — either through its design or how they’re using the layout as an opportunity to further engage their fans.


Takeaways: We had such a great conversation on Twitter last Thursday over the #whymoco hashtag! Everyone, from elected officials and community organizations to local businesses and residents, chimed in to answer the questions: What do you love about Montgomery County? Why should someone move here?


Takeaways: This is an article written by a graphic designer about needing an outlet outside of graphic design. I can definitely relate to this — I’m a former pianist, and I’ve been itching to get back to tickling the ivories!

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Link Roundup: Gap’s social media policy, #loyaltyweek and 5 things to say to your

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

If you’re not following us on Twitter at @creativemoco, you’re missing out! Michael Orlove is moving from Chicago to the D.C. area to work for the National Endowment for the Arts, and we encouraged everyone to tweet under the #whymoco hashtag about why he should move to Montgomery County! Lots of great stuff — search #whymoco to see everyone’s responses.

Anyway, here are the articles we tweeted this week:


Takeaways: This panel discussed engagement on Facebook beyond the sheer number of “likes.” (Apparently, page posts only reach an average of 16% of fans who’ve liked a page.) The panel talked about engaging with fans through third-party apps (like BandPage, and Bopler).


Takeaways: Gap packaged their social media policy in a digestible, relatable way — so, so awesome. I’m disappointed the full brochure and the full policy aren’t available for the public, but this teaser is certainly enough inspiration for our own social media policies.


Takeaways: TRG Arts has started a conversation on Twitter on how to build patron loyalty — join the conversation and see others’ thoughts at the #loyaltyweek hashtag!


Takeaways: Basically, ask for help, give help and recognition and ‘fess up.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Let’s start with a dollar: the Economic Impact of the Arts & Humanities in Montgomery County, MD

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Did you know that in FY10, AHCMC’s 71 grantees created 3,448 jobs and stimulated the economy with $57,321,373 in total expenditures? Learn more about the economic impact of the arts & humanities in Montgomery County in the Let’s Start With A Dollar infographic after the jump.


Notes from the Field: Sligo-Dennis Avenue Local Park

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

This semester, AHCMC is launching an inventory of public art in Montgomery County under the direction of Dr. Michele Cohen, Public Art Contractor. Students from Montgomery College and George Mason University will collect information on the art works and provide readers with short photo-logs and blogs about what they’re finding in the field as they identify and survey the County’s sizable collection.

My survey partner, Sonia, and Ayana, Kyran, Dylan (my three kids) and I went to see more exterior sculptures. We simply loved it as much as the previous week. After visiting four different places in Silver Spring, and discovering four beautiful sculptures near four nice little parks, the kids still did not have enough of being detectives and wanted to see more — even after almost three hours of exploring. I am sure that every child would enjoy being a detective! I was too tired to continue, and it was a little cold, not counting that it was almost dinner time.

There is one piece in particular that touched me that is dedicated to anybody who lost a child because of drunk driving. It represents two little kids, a boy and a girl. Some sculptures make you think, imagine if you had lost your child this way? I cannot even think about it, I would go crazy. But if you just look at the sculpture, this is not what it prompts you to think about. The commemorative plaque conveys the message. A descriptive label can totally change how you look at something. I will let you discover this sculpture for yourself. If you ever feel the urge to go find it, here is a hint: it’s in the Sligo-Dennis Avenue Local Park in Silver Spring. Alright, I will also give you a second hint — its name is Whispers.

"Whispers" by Steve Weitzman in the Sligo Dennis Avenue Local Park, Silver Spring, MD

I would love to see more parents do what I do with my kids and share their experience. Like I said last week, art is so important for the good development of a child’s mind, but people usually see art just as making art and they forget that seeing art has the same importance, and maybe is more important. What people forget is that you don’t just have to see art in museums or galleries — just visit your nearest park. There might be a sculpture right there hiding behind a tree that you have never seen.

CEO Podcast: Montgomery County’s FY13 Operating Budget

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Listen to the latest podcast about how the FY13 recommended operating budget affects the arts and humanities:

Hi everyone, this is Suzan Jenkins, CEO of the Arts and Humanities Council and I’m please to report that the County Executive’s proposed budget calls for the appropriation of $3,286,700 to the Arts and Humanities Council for fiscal year 13. That’s level funding from FY12, and we’re very, very pleased about that.

In the context of what’s happened to many other agencies over the past years, this is really good news. In this budget, he seeks to strategically restore funding that was previously slashed to the libraries, public safety officers and social service agencies. He’s also recommended $50,000 for the management and maintenance of the Public Arts Trust in the Recreation budget, restoring about 36% to the previously zeroed out PAT budget. That’s good news all the way around.

First and foremost, I want to thank YOU for your support. I also want to thank my staff who serve as tireless cultural warriors behind the scenes to make the case for, and to help justify, our budget requests.

But the work’s just begun! Knowing what we know about the state’s need to address maintenance of effort and pensions, we know that some rocky roads may lie ahead. So now it’s time to make certain the County Council supports the County Executive’s recommendation – we can take nothing for granted.

Here are three action steps for you. You’ll also find these listed on our website just below this podcast:

1. Contact the County Executive and say thanks for recommending level funding.
2. Get connected. Sign up for AHCMC’s E-Advocacy Alerts, find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Social media and digital correspondence are our primary means of communicating with you. Whenever you see an email from us with “Advocacy Alert” in the subject line, you’ll know we’ve got news for you or we’re coordinating an advocacy action.
3. Stay tuned for our advocacy campaign. Our staff, with the advice of volunteers from the field, are developing an advocacy campaign and slogan over the next week. This is the message we’ll use as we meet with County Councilmembers to ask for level funding in FY13.

So again, thanks for ALL you do. It is highly important and greatly impactful. Onward and upward, happy spring and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming hearings Take good care, peace.

Visit our Take Action page now for a sample letter to County Executive Leggett and other resources.

Link Roundup: Live-streaming on YouTube, DC Arts Advocacy Day and working with crazy

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Here are the articles we tweeted this week:


Takeaways: We’re not major advertisers on Twitter so we don’t have access to these special brand pages, but I still find these upcoming changes interesting: “Twitter has also shown signs of wanting to be a destination where users linger isntead of a portal that dispatches them elsewhere though outbound links.” Let’s see how this goes and if Twitter brand pages will extend to non-advertisers. (Maybe Twitter will follow Google and develop a Twitter for Nonprofits program?)


Takeaways: Speaking of Google for Nonprofits…if your nonprofit is enrolled in that program, your YouTube channel now has live-streaming capability! We haven’t used it yet, but I have a feeling we will soon.


Takeaways: We’re all about supporting creativity, and our neighbors to the south lobbied their representatives on Wednesday. If you live in D.C., check out DC Advocates for the Arts‘ work and get involved there. (If you live in Montgomery County, click here to visit our Take Action page and learn how you can get involved!)


Takeaways: Bullying can take place in the workplace. How do you identify a bully and how can you cope? Working With Crazy can help!

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Link Roundup: Facebook Timeline, adopting new technology and “layering”

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Here are the articles we tweeted this week…


Buckle up, kiddos, cause a change is a-comin’. On March 30, all Facebook pages will automatically be converted to the new Timeline Design. Things you should pay attention to, among others: your cover photo, adding milestones to reflect your organization’s history and utilizing the new “pinned post” feature. Click through and learn all about it.


Sometimes adopting a new technology can be as challenging as acquiring it. Read about how behavior modification can make your transition to a new technology less painful.


There are three Arts & Entertainment Districts in Montgomery County: Bethesda, Silver Spring and Wheaton. Aside from providing tax breaks to artists, developers and businesses, they’re also major economic drivers. Click through for the story.


Layering is the new and more effective multi-tasking. According to the article, you “do tasks that require different different ‘channels’ of mental functioning such as visual, auditory, manual or language.” For example, listen to a podcast while cleaning your desk, or go to the gym with a friend (to meet a social need and a health need).

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Link Roundup: Google+, Poetry Out Loud and creating a productive workspace

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Missed our daily article tweets this week? No worries — that’s what our Link Roundup is for!


Takeaways: I found this article to be really interesting. Its premise: most of your fans/followers just want to listen; they don’t necessarily want to engage with you. As a marketer, this doesn’t make me too happy, but as a consumer, it makes total sense. Do I engage with all 308 Facebook pages I like, or reply to all tweets of the 875 people I’m following on Twitter? Nope. I’m interested in hearing if this affects marketers’ strategies when it comes to social media, or if it just helps inform the analytics they get back.


Takeaways: I really had such high hopes for Google+ but was waiting until some sort of critical mass was reached before investing work time in it. (I did find it funny when a multitude of “Google + Best Practices for Nonprofits” articles started popping up.) While I saw some brands use it amazingly well (The Muppets hosted a hangout) and watched friends abandon Facebook and engage more on Google+, I personally just couldn’t get the hang of it. I don’t want to write Google+ off, but it’s not looking good.


Takeaways: This was the third year that I’ve had the privilege of observing the Montgomery County Poetry Out loud competition, and the third year in the row that our local MoCo champ has advanced to the state competition. Congrats, Kari, and we wish you the best in the state competition this Saturday!


Takeaways: The right workspace is all about the right reminders, tools, distractions and surroundings. If you have all four, you could have an incredibly productive (and creative) day!

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